Prone Breast Radiotherapy

Available in Knoxville only at Provision Radiation Therapy

Among the advanced treatment techniques offered at Provision Radiation Therapy is prone breast radiotherapy, which is a unique approach to treating breast cancer. Radiation is administered on a specially-designed table with a breast board to help women more comfortably lie in the prone position on her stomach with the breast away from the body for radiation therapy. With the breast away from the body during radiation in the prone position, radiation exposure to the surrounding organs and tissues, such as the heart and lungs, is minimized. This lowers the risk of complications, such as future heart disease, lung damage and poor cosmesis.

Most women with breast cancer have the option of preserving their breast by undergoing a partial mastectomy (removal of the cancerous portion of the breast while preserving the rest of the breast) followed by radiotherapy to the remaining breast tissue.  More often than not, this radiotherapy is delivered to the entire affected breast.  Generally these patients receive radiotherapy while lying on the back, also known as supine positioning.  Dr. Allen G. Meek, medical director of Provision Radiation Therapy, prefers, when possible, to treat his patients in the prone position, lying on the stomach.  In this position, the breast falls away from the chest which allows treatment of the whole breast while substantially reducing the radiation dose to the lung which lies under the breast.  Also, the radiation dose is more evenly distributed in the breast, lessening the chance of painful scar tissue forming.  Because the breast moves less with respiration, there is less chance of applying the treatment to the wrong area.  Larger breasted patients benefit the most from this positioning.  Dr. Meek presented results of the first 60 patients he treated this way at the International Radiological Society of North America meeting in November 2011.

Provision Radiation Therapy is currently the only radiation therapy facility in the Knoxville area offering prone breast radiotherapy.  For further information please call 865-437-5252.

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